Our greatest wish at Serenity Reef is for our guests to relax and renew close to nature. We have created several areas on the property for reading, pondering, journal writing and napping.


At Serenity Reef you have a front-row seat to the most beautiful sunrise every morning. The observation deck and mountain deck provide similar viewing of each evening’s sunset. Some guests record the passage of time by capturing every sunrise during their stay to view as a montage once home.


Look along the length of beach and you will spy pelicans and osprey, as well as the occasional heron near the seasonal lagoon. Glance into the canopy of our desert forest to find myriad songbirds dancing branch to branch. Gaze west and you will discover birds of prey arcing high overhead as they ride the mountain updrafts. Bring your birding book and binoculars, you will be pleased you have.


The Sea of Cortez is a gentle sea, in contrast to the Pacific Ocean on the other side of the peninsula. There are no riptides here, and swimmers of all ages can enjoy the water year-round. The beaches are vast, extending north and south for miles.


The Cabo Pulmo Marine Preserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The marine life has increased by over 400% since the park received this designation, and the snorkeling and diving are fabulous. There are several dive shops to choose from, all within walking distance. The top snorkeling sites are reached by boat, although one can also kick out from the beach. We are happy to share where the best spots will be found!


Avid mountain bike riders will discover many miles of varied terrain directly behind our village. Local volunteers have created trails in all directions, and for all skill levels.


There is fantastic hiking behind the village. No driving required, you simply walk out the gate and begin your trek. There are hikes for every level of enthusiast, including one to “Flintstones Rocks.” Another takes you to inspiring vistas before connecting to a ridge overlooking the sea as you return to Serenity Reef. Some guests will hike nearly every morning, concluding with a refreshing swim, all before breakfast!


In the Cabo Pulmo Marine Preserve, no fishing is permitted. However, just beyond park boundaries, fabulous fishing awaits anglers. We have access to some of the best guides on the East Cape and would be delighted to connect with one. They can arrange both shore-based and boat-based outings.


Kayaking in the bay makes for a great adventure for all skill levels. The kayaking outfitter is located about 10 minutes south of us, in a small cove known as Los Arbolitos. We love to make a day of it, combining the kayaking with a picnic on the beach.
dining out


There are several restaurants in Cabo Pulmo, all within easy walking distance from Serenity Reef.  Some serve meals all day, from breakfast through dinner.  Others are open at dinner only.  Menus range from traditional Mexican fare to continental cuisine (with offerings such as pasta, steak and burgers).  The ever-growing list of restaurants includes:

  • Tito’s Restaurant & Bar
  • Pepe’s Pizza
  • El Caballero
  • The Coral Reef
  • Toronados
  • Pelicano
  • La Palapa
  • Tacos & Beer


Although not officially an “International Dark Sky Reserve,” Cabo Pulmo and Serenity Reef are the next best thing. Observing a moonrise over the sea is special treat. And on nights with no moon, the stars radiate with such an intensity you think you might touch them. Consider bringing binoculars and a stargazing app as you will happily fill several evenings looking to the heavens.


The founders of Serenity Reef love the healing arts, including tai chi, yoga and meditation. We invite you to explore your practice in our Yoga Pavilion, which can accommodate anywhere from 1 to 40 practitioners. The pavilion stays naturally cool, making it the ideal spot to practice in the warmer months. Equally, the beach offers a wonderful setting for yoga, especially at dawn. At several points during the year, we host yoga retreats that draw instructors and practitioners from around the world.


Several massage therapists are based in Cabo Pulmo. They offer a variety of styles, including deep tissue, Swedish, Thai, hot rock and therapeutic. You find the background sounds of the ocean to be very soothing during your session! Book early, as the therapists are in high demand.
massage table
Cooking Classes


Our outdoor kitchen and dining pavilion is outfitted with a large chef’s island to accommodate groups wishing to learn how to prepare traditional Mexican cuisine. There are several chefs in the village who love to share their craft in our kitchen overlooking the ocean.


Most guests come to Cabo Pulmo for its “end of the Earth” feel and elect to remain in and around the village for the duration of their stay. However, excursions outside of Cabo Pulmo can be arranged. Please let us know if we can guide you to a tour outfitter, or simply provide directions as you undertake your own exploring.

  • Snorkeling at Los Arbolitos, and hiking to “Mermaid Beach”
  • Snorkeling at Los Frailes, a nearby deep-water canyon
  • Dune buggies in Los Barriles
  • Waterfall and hot springs in the mountains above Santiago
  • Art Walk and dining in the Arts District of San Jose (2 hour drive each way)
  • Visit to Todos Santos (2.5 hour drive each way)
  • Visit to La Paz (3 hour drive each way)