About an hour’s drive from Cabo Pulmo lies the “Biosphere,” an untamed mountainous region formed by the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. These mountains separate the Pacific side of the Baja peninsula from the eastern side, and they rise dramatically to over 6,800 feet. (These are the mountains one observes from the plane window when arriving into or departing out of Los Cabos!) Nestled in the eastern portion of the Biosphere are soothing hot springs, as well as a year-round waterfall with large, amphitheater-like swim pool at its base. Traveling into the biosphere reveals a side of Baja that few visitors ever experience. But for those who venture there, it offers a fabulous contrast to the desert flatlands and sandy beaches most are familiar with. Additional excursions are available to a rustic ranch where the region’s best artisanal cheese (the “queso fresco”) comes from.