There is fantastic hiking behind the village. No driving required, you simply walk out the gate and begin your trek. There are hikes for every level of enthusiast. Many of the same discoveries awaits the hiker that also await the mountain biker. One can hike up the sandy arroyos at day-break and spy iguanas beginning to sun on rocks, or owls settling into dens. Or one can summit the nearby peaks and look over the whole of the East Cape, with cool winds buffeting your face as you take in the inspiring views to north and south. Another ride brings you to stunning rock formations known as “Flintstone Rocks” because their shapes harken back to a primordial era when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Finally, another hike takes you to inspiring bluffs overlooking the sea before you return to Serenity Reef. Some guests conclude their hike a refreshing swim, all before breakfast! It’s a pretty fabulous way to start the day.