Snorkeling & Diving

Cabo Pulmo features fantastic diving and snorkeling opportunities. The Cabo Pulmo Marine Preserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the only hard-coral site in all of the Sea of Cortez. The marine life has increased by over 400% since the park received this designation, and it is worth repeating, the snorkeling and diving here are fabulous. It is the reason most visitors find their way to the village. We would be happy to help arrange a dive or snorkel tour if you don’t already have something booked. Expect to see dozens of species of fish, as well as rays and eels; and possibly mobulas, dolphins, turtles and more. If you don’t actually see whales, chances are you will hear them underwater as you dive and snorkel, they are frequently that close. There are several dive shops to choose from, all within walking distance, and best of all the dive sites are not far. You are in the water within minutes of boarding the boat, and you are back to shore equally quickly at the end of your day. Although the top snorkeling sites are reached by boat, one can also kick out from the beach to see some lovely marine life. We are happy to share where we think the best beach spots will be found!