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Look along the length of beach and you will spy pelicans and osprey, as well as the occasional heron near the seasonal lagoon. Glance into the canopy of our desert forest to find myriad songbirds dancing branch to branch. Gaze west and you will discover birds of prey arcing high overhead as they ride the mountain updrafts. Baja Serenity is a birder’s delight, and Baja Serenity is the perfect based from which to explore. The East Cape region is home to dozens of shorebirds, doves, raptors, scavengers, hummingbirds, quail, orioles, woodpeckers, swallows, thrashers, wren…and the list goes on. Not to mention the pelagic species who soar above. And, to stretch the definition, many varieties of bats reside here as well, including a species that catches fish as their main meal! Bring your birding book and binoculars, you will be pleased you have.