The East Cape of the Baja Peninsula is regarded as one of the premier fishing locations in the world. Although the Cabo Pulmo Marine Preserve does not permit fishing within the park (the preserve serves as a hatchery for many marine species), fabulous fishing awaits just beyond park boundaries. We have access to some of the best guides on the East Cape and would be delighted to connect you with one. Guides can arrange both shore-based and boat-based outings. Boat trips depart from the beach just south of us, and there are a multitude of blue-water species to pursue. What’s less known is the fabulous shore-based casting and fly fishing in pursuit of rooster fish. The sandy beaches and wave-free waters, coupled with schools of mullet in the shallows, make for a very exciting, adrenaline-filled day in pursuit of roosters.  The East Cape has become well known in recent years for this very particular and exciting type of fishing.