Getting Here


Most of our guests come to Cabo Pulmo immediately upon arriving into Los Cabos Airport. About half of our guests come by rental car and half come by taxi or private car.

If you elect to come by taxi, we can help set this up in advance. The cost in 2022 has been approximately $175 one-way for a van that holds 5-6 passengers, plus tip. The taxi driver meets you outside of the arrivals hall. If you arrange it beforehand, the taxi driver will take you grocery shopping for a fee. (See more on grocery shopping below.)

If you rent a car, there are many car rental options. We recommend you shop around, and rates can vary between providers. (One company we like is BBB Car Rentals, but others do an excellent job as well.) Review the exterior of the vehicle before driving it off the lot, including a confirmation that the spare tire is in its place.


You have two primary choices when shopping for groceries. The first option is SORIANA. This large, no-frills grocery store is well stocked and has all you need. It is about 15 minutes south of the airport on the Transpeninsular Highway. (Enter “SORIANA” into your phone navigation app and it will guide you directly there.) Once you are done shopping, retrace your path to the airport and proceed to Cabo Pulmo according to the directions provided below.
Map to Soriana
The second option is LA COMER. This is more like shopping at a Whole Foods, and you will find a greater variety of fish, meat and vegetables. La Comer is around 20 to 25 minutes south, via the toll road. The toll is about $2.50 each way. (Enter “LA COMER” into your phone navigation app and it will guide you directly there. Be sure to select the one in San Jose, as there are others in and near Cabo San Lucas.) Once you are done shopping, retrace your path to the airport and proceed to Cabo Pulmo according to the directions provided below.


To reach Cabo Pulmo from the airport, you will proceed north on the Transpeninsular Highway for approximately 30 miles to the Cabo Pulmo exit, which will take around 45 minutes. The road is well-paved and there are occasional gas stations and convenience stores enroute. Be mindful of animals drifting onto the road from the shoulder (primarily cattle and horses).

The exit to Cabo Pulmo is just beyond the village of Las Cuevas. You cannot miss it, as there is a prominent sign calling out the exit. (If you are concerned about missing it, the highway has mile markers—kilometer markers actually—and the exit is at kilometer marker 92.5.)

You will now be heading in an easterly direction and will pass through the village of Santa Cruz enroute to the coastal town of LA RIBERA. La Ribera has seen a substantial increase in development in the past several years. A Four Seasons hotel has opened just to the north of town, and three more high-end hotels, plus a marina, are all under construction.

Upon entering La Ribera, guide right at the prominent fork in the road just beyond the Oxxo, which is the local convenience store. (After taking the right, perhaps take note of the Urgent Care Facility to the left, in case you should later need it.) There are two small grocery markets in La Ribera where one can purchase all of the basics, such as eggs, cheese, tortillas, rice, beans and beverages. The most convenient is El Rey, which you will find about 200 yards beyond the fork in the road, on the right, and painted in bright yellow, blue and white.

The drive from La Ribera to Cabo Pulmo takes about 30 minutes. The distance is 27 kilometers. The final 10 kilometers are unpaved, so proceed slowly to minimize any bouncing. You will pass through the coastal enclave of Las Barracas prior to reaching Cabo Pulmo.

Once you enter Cabo Pulmo, look for Pepe’s Restaurant to the right and the Visitor Center to the left. Slow down here, as you need to take the sharp left onto the private road immediately past the Visitor Center (and prior to the La Caballero Restaurant). Our signs will soon be installed. In the meantime, follow the signs to BAJA PARADISE, the neighbor to our right. Once at their gate, look to your immediate left and see our gate.

You have arrived! Enter the gate and park to your right. The caretaker’s office is just to the left. Welcome to Baja Serenity. Paty will be looking forward to greeting you.


If you are coming to Cabo Pulmo from La Paz or Todos Santos, you likely have your own vehicle and know the route. (Alternatively, we can help arrange transport by taxi. The trip is 2.5 to 3 hours to Cabo Pulmo from each La Paz and Todos Santos.) Refer to the below maps to help plan your travel.

Driving from Todos Santos to Cabo Pulmo by heading north

Driving from Todos Santos to Cabo Pulmo by heading SOUTH

See you at Baja Serenity!