Although the East Cape is not officially an International Dark Sky Reserve, Cabo Pulmo and Baja Serenity are the next best thing. Observing a moonrise over the sea is special treat, guests can’t believe how large it looms, nor how brightly it reflects off of the sea. On nights when it is full, it illuminates the surroundings well enough one could hike by moonlight alone. On nights with no moon, the stars radiate with such an intensity you think you might reach out and touch them. The planets appear first, marking the zodiac’s path east to west. Next, the constellations emerge, formed by glistening stars that never shone so brightly at home. Finally, the milky way comes into focus, spanning so much of the sky that you begin to realize how massive our own spiral galaxy is to occupy that much celestial space. Consider bringing binoculars and a stargazing app as you will happily fill several evenings looking to the heavens. Or request a star tour from one of our guides. If they are on the property during your stay, it would be their pleasure.